Friday, July 31, 2009

Wraps, Shawls and Stoles (oh my)

After achieving success with Nancy Bush's Lily of the Valley Estonian lace shawl (from Lace Style) I decided that it would be good to have a black shawl as well. I like Susannah IC's Meandering Vines Shawl pattern; it seemed less intense than the Lily of the Valley where I probably experienced eye damage due to being afraid to blink for fear of losing my place.

What I didn't account for is how difficult it is to SEE the stitches with this jet black yarn. I am using the laceweight Misti Alpaca. I'll knit this for a while, then I must to get back to the zillion baby gifts that are in queue. Why do people turn up pregnant in packs? Here are the completed Lily and the yarn for the Meandering Vines.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inaugural Post

I've been reading blogs for what seems like forever, was an early-adopter of social networking sites, and work on strategy for a corporate Web site for a living. I guess it's my lack of hard-core technical ability that kept me from blogging for so long.

The realization finally hit that if I didn't just DO it, I'd never learn. So, that said, please forgive the rudimentary nature of this blog. Perhaps it (and I) will get better over time!