Saturday, October 2, 2010

Revelatory Caramel Cake

My dad turned 70 yesterday, so I'm going to visit on Sunday. I wanted to find a true "birthday-worthy" cake, so I was attracted to the Revelatory Caramel Cake in last month's issue of Food and Wine magazine.

The cake is white (no yolks) and is a cross between angel food and regular cake. The cake portion, while not difficult, flew in the face of the normal order of ingredients in baking.

The icing was unbelievable. There's no confectioner's sugar in it, rather it is a true caramel, cooked to soft ball stage (enter candy thermometer). It is REALLY difficult to get the sides pretty, as the icing needs to "set" after poured over/smoothed. It slowly oozes down the sides, and unlike traditional icing, it's difficult to fill in inconsistencies in the layers. I will tell you that it's a huge sticky mess, but the caramel puts Worther's to shame. There are really good tips and pix at Kitchen Parade.

I'm going to be thinking about the aesthetics of these sides....hummmm.