Friday, August 7, 2009

New Phone!

When did it become such a big deal to get a new cell phone? Not sure, but it has. I previously had the HTC Pocket PC from Sprint. Here lately it's been acting kind of hinky; low battery life, dumping calls, Internet connection hanging, etc. I approached this as a warning shot prior to more insidious failures. My most recent former husband gifted me the delightful Palm Pre. Clearly, this is an iPhone wannabe, but the best Sprint has to offer at this time. I've heard good things about it; that it's actually better than the iPhone, but with a smaller marketing budget. I know one thing for certain; there are waaaaay less apps available than on the iPhone, but you can use multiple apps simultaneously. I'm sure there are geeks somewhere furiously developing new apps for the Pre, so I am going to patiently wait it out. I am vigilantly trying to learn this new thing; the previous phone navigated much like a PC, hence it's name. This, however, does not. Hopefully, by Monday I will have learned enough to make a call or send an email without having a meltdown of some nature.

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